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140th Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 2014 Wagering

If you have come here looking to bet on the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby then you have come to the right site. Here our aim is to give horse bettors every advantage we can to help them with their Kentucky Derby online betting picks and predictions.
Kentucky Derby Wagering 2014

Kentucky Derby 2015 Online Betting

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The 140th Kentucky Derby race will be ran on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The below online racebooks are ranked in accordance to where to bet on the 2014 Kentucky Derby online for players that live in the USA and Canada.

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Kentucky Derby Betting Site

Kentucky Derby 2014

Kentucky Derby 2014

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Derby 2014 Betting

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We hope you enjoy betting on the Kentucky Derby online at these favorite Kentucky Derby betting websites!

New Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

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Yesterday we were the first to report that Hoppertunity was scratched from the 140th Kentucky Derby and today we have some more bad news and information on another scratch. It is being reported that Pablo Del Monte is also scratched so if your betting site still shows these two horses as an option do NOT bet on them!

Updated Kentucky Derby Odds

These updated Kentucky Derby betting odds can be viewed by checking out either the BetOnline or Bovada online race betting sites. In other odds news California Chrome’s betting odds have slightly fluctuated to 6/2 betting odds from 5/2 yesterday. We still like California Chrome’s chances to win the 2014 Kentucky Derby and then eventually take a crack at the Preakness Stakes. To place we like Intense Holiday’s odds for second, and to round out the top 3 we have our money on Wicked Strong.

That about sums up our Kentucky Derby bets to win, place and show for today’s race. Just a reminder as we have been getting a lot of questions asking What time does the Kentucky Derby start? so here’s the answer. The Kentucky Derby is actually race #11 today and the start time is 6:24 PM EST. For the West Coasters that is 3:24 PM PST and everyone can watch it on NBC with Bob Costas.

What a great day for sports! After the Kentucky Derby wets your appetitie you still have the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and the Floyd Mayweather boxing bout against Marcos Maidana all tonight and the best part is it is only Saturday!

Kentucky Derby Traditions

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If you are going to be a part of the Kentucky Derby then you must know the most important Kentucky Derby traditions.

Drinking mint juleps made with Early Times bourbon and betting on horses is a tradition for horse racing enthusiasts and party animals alike. The first Saturday of May has been minted as the de facto day in which the whole world pays attention to horse racing. Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been held on the first Saturday in May thus marking a storied tradition for horse racing fans all over the globe. People fly into Louisville from all across the world to see horse racing’s biggest spectacle. Perhaps there are some Kentucky Derby traditions that you are unaware of?

Kentucky Derby Traditions

For example, the song that is played as the thoroughbreds march to their starting gates is called “My Old Kentucky Home.” The University of Louisville marching band has been commissioned to play the song. Although the band has missed the Derby a couple times, the U of L band has played at nearly every Kentucky Derby since 1936. Did you know that “My Old Kentucky Home” is also the official song of the state of Kentucky?

For several decades, it was customary that women wore white gloves to the track. If you people watch the crowds at the Kentucky Derby, you’ll realize that many of the people at the track will wear bright pink, green, yellow and blues. Derby is the chance for many people to make a fashion statement, which is why you will see such colorful attire and big hats on Derby day.

Listen up US bettors! Tomorrow is Kentucky Derby day and the 140th running of the first leg of the Triple Crown will start at 6:30 PM EST and can be seen on NBC with your host Bob Costas.

The Kentucky Derby is undoubtedly the biggest spectacle in all of horse racing. Even those who do not gamble regularly can spare a couple dollars to put down on a horse in efforts to make the race a little bit more interesting. There are three types of basic bets you can start with if you are new to horse racing wagering.

Placing a bet on a horse to win should sound pretty straight forward. If you were to bet on California Chrome in the Kentucky Derby online betting sweepstakes and his final odds were 3/1, if California Chrome comes in first place, you would win 3/1 on your bet. If California Chrome comes in 2nd place or worse, you would not win your bet.

Kentucky Derby Online Betting

If you bet on a horse to place, you are essentially saying that you think the horse will finish in 1st or 2nd place. You can also bet on Win and Place simultaneously but this will cost you another betting unit. After each race, there is a payout board telling you what horses pay out based on a $2 bet. If a horse comes in 1st but you have only bet on the horse to place, you get paid out based on the place pay outs as dictated by the payout board.

If you understand win and place, show is simply betting on a horse to come in 3rd place or better. Typically, horse bettors will place show bets on long shots as a hedge. Another popular bet is a win, place and show bet on one horse which would cost you 3 betting units with one unit on each wager type.

Kentucky Derby 2014 Track Conditions

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With just a day before the big race we take a look at updated Kentucky Derby 2014 track conditions for bettors who are waiting until the last minute to place their Kentucky Derby bets online or in person at Churchill Downs. In this Kentucky Derby update you will find current weather conditions, how the track is holding up, and which horses are still the favorites going into the 140th Kentucky Derby.

While it can be difficult to predict the final outcome of the Kentucky Derby, another thing that is difficult to predict is the weather. The weather can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of the race and when the track conditions aren’t perfect, a long shot could go on to win the race. If you are new to horse racing, you might be wondering, “How can I tell what condition the track is in?”

Typically when you watch horse racing on TV, the announcers tell you about the track conditions. At the Kentucky Derby, you will likely hear a few different words that describe the condition of the track. If you have watched the Kentucky Derby over the past couple years, you know that the April showers sometimes carry over into May thus making the Kentucky Derby a wet event.

Kentucky Derby 2014 Conditions

If the track is described as being fast, this means that the surface is dry and even. If the track is listed as being good, this means that the track is almost fast but there may be some unevenness in the track. If the track is being described as cuppy, the dirt on the track will be slighty loose although most horses will still be able to gain traction. A muddy track described wet mud without standing water. Sloppy refers to a track that is wet and does have standing water. A slow track is like a sloppy track except the surface and the base of the track are wet and contain standing water.

Pre Kentucky Derby Party

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If you want to get in on the pre-Kentucky Derby festivities we suggest you check out the Barnstable Brown Gala. If you want to know where you can bet on the Kentucky Derby online then check out the above online racebooks. Either way, it’s time to party!

One of the premier events leading up the Kentucky Derby is the Barnstable Brown Gala. This event will take place on the eve of the Kentucky Derby and as usual, the event will attract plenty of notable celebrities from pop culture. If you are in Louisville the night before the Derby, patrons can try to find tickets to this exclusive event in order to rub elbows with celebrities. The Barnstable Brown gala will take place at the Barnstable Brown residence in Louisville’s historic Highlands neighborhood just off of Spring Street.

Kentucky Derby Party

According to Louisville’s Courier Journal, some of the more notable guests include Kings of Leon, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, Gene Simmons of KISS, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Joey Fatone of NSYNC, Kris Humphries, Wes Welker, Travis Tritt and more. The Barnstable Brown gala has been going on for well over 25 years and this Kentucky Derby online betting tradition is one of more fascinating lead ups to the Run for the Roses. According to, you can procure tickets for this event for $1,250 per person. However, if you would like to get a VIP table, the website is currently listing tickets for $2,500 and $2,750. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll probably be aware that much of your ticket price is donated to a diabetes research foundation.

Betting Odds for Intense Holiday

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The latest betting odds for Intense Holiday for the 2014 Kentucky Derby have him sitting as a 12/1 Derby favorite. Could Intense Holiday win the Kentucky Derby? This horse has raced consistently all across America and some experts believe that it is time for this thoroughbred to break through the glass ceiling and win a big race. Could that race be the Derby? Intense Holiday actually took 2nd in the Louisiana Derby while winning the Risen Star at the Fairgrounds racetrack a month earlier. Trainer Todd Pletcher could have a Derby winner on his hands if Intense Holiday upsets the field.

Intense Holiday Kentucky Derby

Betting odds on Kentucky Derby horses will changes as we get nearer to post. It is expected that Intense Holiday will be one of the long shots on this year’s Kentucky Derby 140 line up. That doesn’t mean Intense Holiday doesn’t have a shot at winning.

If we’ve learned anything about the Kentucky Derby, it is that anything can and will happen. Intense Holiday is owned by Starlight Racing. This isn’t the first horse that Starlight Racing has fielded in the Derby. In fact, in 2002, Harlan’s Holiday started the Kentucky Derby and finished 7th. Intense Holiday’s pedigree involves Harlan’s Holiday, Intensify and Unbridled’s Song. Intense Holiday is the type of horse to seize on opportunities. If this thoroughbred sees a clear lane coming around the last turn at Churchill Downs, Intense Holiday has the strength to blow past the field and win the Kentucky Derby.

Bet On Kentucky Derby 2014 Online

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If you want to bet on Kentucky Derby 2014 online then you need to be careful when choosing which online racebook you can trust. We like both the Bovada and TwinSpires online racebook for Kentucky Derby online betting on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014.

Horse betting is a fun past time enjoyed by those of legal age as dictated by your local government. Spending a day at the track is a fun past time enjoyed by many individuals around the world. Although the premier horse betting event in the world is the Kentucky Derby, you can literally bet on horse races that are happening every minute on tracks all around the world using the internet.

Bet Kentucky Derby Online

In the United States, online gambling laws allow certain operators to facilitate online horse betting. With your mobile device, you could sit at home and watch a horse racing channel such as TVG (Channel 602 on DirecTV) and bet on the horse races as you are watching the race unfold on live TV.

When you bet on horses, you are taking a real gamble. Since you are betting on animals, anything number of things can happen. Your horse can get scratched from the card or in some extremely rare instances the horse could stop responding to the jockey and run off course. That is why you should be extremely careful when you are betting on horses and only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. Remember, horse betting is supposed to be a fun outing so do you part to keep it that way.

Horse Racing 2014

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Today we will look at horse racing in 2014 as we prepare for the Kentucky Derby 2014. If you want to know how bet on horses online or just enjoy watching horse racing then you should be able to find the below information helpful.

The art of racing horses goes all the way back to ancient civilization. Equestrian sports were even a staple of the ancient Greek games around 648BC. Thoroughbred racing has been referenced by some as being the “Sport of Kings.” This terminology ties into the fact that aristocrats and royalty were usually the ones participating in these types of ancient equestrian games.

Horse Racing

In 2008, analysts noted that the horse racing industry represented a $115 billion dollar economy. Most of the money in figure was earned due to the fact that horse racing typically is bet upon in some way, shape or form. Betting on horses is a gambling tradition and without the wagering capabilities, the Kentucky Derby online betting industry would be strictly amateurs racing against other amateurs without any broad encompassing organizations overseeing the rules and regulations.

There are several different types of horse racing. The most common type of horse racing is thoroughbred racing. When you watch events such as the Kentucky Derby, thoroughbred racing is the type of horse racing you are watching. You may also see harness racing, quarters racing, steeplechase racing and endurance racing as equestrian sports. Since horse racing is an internationally beloved sport, it is important to note that the global impact of gaming industry on the sport. Without the gaming industry, the notable horse racing tracks around the world would not be able to hold such large prize pools for the horse owners and jockeys to compete for.

Kentucky Derby Online Betting

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So they say you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby hey? Well, first you have to know where to bet, what the current odds are, and who to bet on. This is where we come in. Yes, the good folks here at Kentucky Derby 2014 will help give you information on the best online racebooks, our current Kentucky Derby betting favorites, along with line moves to help ensure you get the most out of your horse wagering over the Internet.

Kentucky Derby Betting

Currently the Bovada racebook has the best odds to bet on and today we will be covering the latest Kentucky Derby wagering lines. Just a friendly reminder, the Kentucky Derby will be raced on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. Just like every year before it, the Kentucky Derby is always raced on the first Saturday in May, the day after the Kentucky Oaks.

You can visit either the TwinSpires or Bovada online racebooks to check out current Kentucky Derby hopefuls along with racebook bonus and rebate information.

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